Happy Birthday Jennifriendfood!

According to my calculations (also, the friends birthdays widget on my My LJ page), JFFF is a year old this weekend. I think that's kind of insane that we've managed to meet up almost every Friday for a full year. I barely have the attention span to watch a full season of a TV show, let alone keep a standing dinner date.

How should we celebrate?
Mille Bornes

Since we'll otherwise just chatter back and forth...

Poll #684155 What type of food, fence sitters?

Which of the following three options most appeals to you?

The BBQ place on Montclair.
The PB&J place in the city (and possibly Pomme Frites, Tako Yaki, that burrito place, whatever else).

Text thinger.

Why is fridaypoll the most successful of the daily communities?

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octopus hair

El Bandido?

one website lists it's Products & Services as: Food, Drinks, Soups & Salads, Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Real Estate

another says:
Some of El Bandido Restaurant highlights include:
• Authentic Mexican Food
• Live Music - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
• Banquet Room accommodates up to 50 people
• constantly changing specials

the food is good and they give you free appetizer, dessert and tiny drink. also mariachi band! also sangria!

also real estate!!!!

JFFF in Madison this Friday?

I want my friend Samar to come to JFFF this week. She has to be home around 10ish, but she works in Madison so I was thinking for maybe part of the night we could eat/drink somewhere in Madison? Maybe that Main Street place? I don't care.

Samar is awesome.

Yes, no?